Another Time

Once upon a time...a common ambition that united the Another Time team : making luxury accessible so that fashion and beauty are everyone's business.

Another Time went on a crusade to find unique and refined pieces of high-quality materials such as Cashmere. Another Time wanted to build a kind of parallel universe, to make shopping a privileged moment to oneself and for oneself.

More than outfits, we think that Fashion is a remedy that incarnates itself through cashmere. V-neck sweaters, Turtlenecks, Crew neck sweaters, Accessories, Jewelry… Fashion doesn’t only dress, it inspires the quintessence of style that the team of Another Time will let you discover in a few moments.

If our guiding thread is elegance and style, we also combine trend and glamor for casual, bohemian or dressy looks. Beyond our products, we make a point of accompaning you in your everyday life and in the events of the year that we celebrate with you. In this regard, for all these magical moments that have to be enhanced, Another Time offers a personalized gift card to make these moments unforgettable.

Since its creation, Another Time has only one vocation, never lose sight of the essential, you.


The Another Time feather