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Another Time is born of an ambition: to make luxury accessible to all by practicing soft and attractive prices. A noble matter exactly meets this ambition: cashmere. Beyond the functional side of clothing and accessories, we believe that fashion is a privilege that is perfectly embodied in cashmere and jewelry: V-neck sweaters and rolled collar, neck sweaters, but also pendants, bracelets and rings.

Fashion is not only about being worn but it expresses a true lifestyle that you will discover on our site in a few moments. If our requirement is true elegance, which is not noticed as Jean Cocteau said, we also mix trendy and glamorous products that will give you a simple, elegant and natural image.

With our different products, we strive to imagine what could be your everyday life by wearing them. To help you decide and choose what you want, Another Time offers you a customizable gift card that will allow you to move from dreams to reality ...

Another Time has only one vocation: privilege l 'Essential, ie you. Another time: a time to live and a time to dream.

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